2020 Book Boost – July 7th

A new list of books for you today. These books are generally more for adults than kids this week! I still have several books to post. I’m going to be switching this up to Fridays. So the next post you’ll see from me on 2020 books will be on the 17th. 

Little Book of Video Games by Melissa Brinks, Illustrated by Paulina Ganucheau
Revisit your favorites, find something new, or play your way through this light-hearted guide to the most celebrated and iconic arcade, console, and computer games from the 1950s to the 2000s.
An accessible, informative look at the history and evolution some of the most popular and iconic video games from their early beginnings up to the 2000s. Author Melissa Brinks explores each influential game and its impact on they would have on the games that would follow, with brief, engaging profiles and surprising trivia that is perfect for fans of all levels.

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Sebastian the In-Between by Vanessa Dun

Sebastian is an outsider bullied by everyone because he is very different than us. There has always been something off about him. His best friend is his overprotective mother, Samantha. She is all the family that he has, or so he thought. At the age of 13, he witnesses a gruesome murder by a supernatural being that no one else can see, but him. That night he learns of his abilities, about what he really is, and about his mother’s lies. As his world crumbles, Sebastian’s newfound gift quickly becomes a curse, when he realizes that he can’t control his growing powers. Especially when he almost kills his mother. Now he doesn’t know who to trust, especially himself, which forces him into hiding with a stranger, who is the only one that understands him, but has an evil past of her own. Sebastian realizes that he must evolve from a shy, newly angry outcast to a fierce warrior–or die trying. As an old enemy stays close in the shadows to exterminate him, and everyone in his bloodline. Everyone that is an In-Between.

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Touch of Pestilence Series by V.K. Pasanen 

About The Accidental Healer: Mears County, Colorado, is locked down following deaths from an unknown biological agent. A mysterious woman rescued from a local lake appears to be the source. Now her rescuer, Ryan Mender, a descendant of a legendary Ute medicine man, finds himself and his family caught in a terrorist conspiracy. But more than that, he finds himself altered in ways he doesn’t understand.

Visions of the woman’s past now haunt him. Compulsion to protect her consumes him. And dark thoughts and dreams of her strangle his sanity. What follows shakes reality to its core and sends Ryan, the woman, and everyone he loves on a collision course with Destiny and Death.

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Deviously Sincere (Demented Minds Collection Book 1) by Alayna Hallward

The media has compared the FBI’s current serial killer to Jack the Ripper. Not because of the way he kills, but because he can evade law enforcement. This killer has an agenda, he believes his acts will purify women right down to their corrupt souls. While his work is well known, the FBI still cannot do anything. That is until Agent Tilda Wain decides to think outside of the box. The best way to catch a serial killer is to seek out the help of another. The only killer that can be of assistance is one that holds the same beliefs. Even though Hyde is their ideal helper, his views and time in the asylum make him unreliable. While Hyde does hate women, Tilda knows a way around such trivial matters. In her attempt to gain more information, Tilda soon finds herself in the line of fire. If she persists in her search, more than her honor will be lost.

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Dreamland by Barry Z. Brunswick

Eric now has to travel across Dreamland to find the other two Dream Queens and complete his training. The only trouble is, the Dark Lord Hermantrude and his Nightmares have a plan to take Dreamland before Eric’s training is complete. Will the boy’s biggest test be his last?

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Blurred Lines by Remy Marie

Every great love story needs a beginning. This is theirs…

Jake Johnson is running from his horrible past as a New Orleans police officer. He thinks starting fresh in Norfolk will get his mind off the mistake that still haunts him. Commended for his bravery in the field, Jake gets promoted to go undercover as a member of the Ragin Cajun MC to take down the notorious drug kingpin, DeAndre King.

Aaliyah Washington’s life isn’t the best. She’s trapped in a low paying job and living in the projects of Norfolk. Her one beacon of hope is her best friend, Jada. However, when she losses her best friend in a drive by shooting, she vows revenge. After finding out the person who ordered the hit was her ex-boyfriend, DeAndre, she takes matters in her own hands to avenge her fallen friend.

After the same ruthless criminal, the two cross paths. Unexpectedly, they are forced to share a bed together by the one person they’re both after. Little did they know that their one sensual night together will be the foundation of their powerful relationship. As their love builds, so does the tension from Jake’s secret of being a cop. Will this secret ruin their relationship before it has a change to begin? Or will their love overcome all obstacles?

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Unsettled by Jennifer Mooney

When things get difficult, the best thing is to run away from your problems. At least, that’s what Ainsley thought.
It’s much harder to come back and face all of your demons.
Coming back to Tennessee to handle some family issues was so much more than she expected. There were so many memories and then her first love in her space was enough to make her run again. There were also new friends that welcomed her with open arms and offered something that she’d been missing for so long.
Would she make it here this time?
Would the past be too much to bear?
Could she find love underneath the scars on her heart?

Jennifer lives in Northern California with her small family that includes a teenager and three cats. She has been writing her entire life in one form or another and this is her debut book.
Thank you for reading!

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The Dying Lamp by Shashank Singh

As we advance as a civilization, we are in a state of perpetual regress as a culture and as a race. Tales of war, revolution, reminiscence, religious fanaticism bedeck this collection, as the author highlights the dehumanization of Man, who has been reduced to a being consumed by his vices, viz. gluttony, avarice and bloodlust.
Has the lamp died out? Let us find out!

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The Tattler: Cancelled by Chad Descoteaux

The 3rd book in ‘The Tattler’ series…
In just a few years, The Tattler has grown from a small print tabloid publication, reporting on strange phenomena few believed (aliens, Big Foot, unicorns etc.), into an online news streaming network. This is mostly thanks to Nikki Graves, the mastermind behind TTLR News. But also, because Earth has gotten much, much stranger since the invasion.
A mysterious time traveler has been helping President Lee Finn hunt down monsters, made from a mineral that can repair the alien invaders’ home world. Barry Young has quit TTLR News to pursue a career in artsy photography, leaving Nikki with unresolved feelings. Will Barry and Nikki get back together? Will the aliens go home? And what of seductive, snake-haired media mogul Lenee Medusa, who wants to add both TTLR and Barry to her list of conquests?

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A Fire That Whispers by Cully Mack

War has begun, and the destined Voice of Thunder foretold to save the world is nowhere in sight.

Mirah is an elemental wielder whose extraordinary magic has proved too powerful for the Immortal Watchers to ignore.

Captured, they demand she destroys their portals. If she yields, it will trap her friends in the immortal realm forever.

As shocking discoveries unfold, it forces Mirah further under her enemies’ control. Flames once thought dead arise and test the bonds of love and sacrifice.

But not everyone once trusted is pure; not everyone once despised is vile… and Mirah must unravel the lies.

One truth she knows: The Shadow Beast lurks beyond the portals. The Immortals dread its arrival, but is the Beast more of a danger to them or to herself?

A Fire That Whispers is the third novel in the Voice that Thunders epic fantasy series wherein hope hides in the darkest of places and honour-bound promises seal your fate.

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