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2020 Book Releases – June 30th

I’m reading so many good books right now. How about you? I’m still working on getting through the pile of books on my TBR list. It’s always hard having a TBR is hard, because so many other books get in the way. A lot of my TBR pile can be seen here: I’ve read quite a few already!

These are all kidlit books. Next week will be all adult (and possibly YA) books.

New Children's Books



Emergency Kittens and Who is Jackie Chan? by Jody Jensen Shaffer, Emergency Kittens illustrated by Dave Mottram

Jody’s Website:

Dave’s Website:

Buy Emergency Kittens:

Buy Who is Jackie Chan?:




King of the Swamp by Catherine Emett and Ben Mantle

Catherine’s Website:

Ben’s Website:

Buy King of The Swamp:




Surgery on Sunday by Kat Harrison and Shane Crampton

Kat’s Website:

Shane’s Website:

Buy Surgery on Sunday:




A Whale of a Mistake by Ioana Hobai

Ioana’s Twitter:

Buy A Whale of a Mistake:




The Starkeeper by Faith Pray

Faith’s Website:

Buy The Starkeeper:



The Whatifs by Emily Kilgore, Illustrated by Zoe Persicoe

Emily’s Website:

Zoe’s Website:

Buy The Whatifs:




Frederico and the Wolf by Rebbeca J. Gomez Illustrated by Elisa Chavarri

Rebbeca’s Website:

Elisa’s Website:

Buy Frederico and the Wolf:




Another Dreadful Fairy Book by John Etter

John Etter’s Website:

Buy Another Dreadful Fairy Book:


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