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    Last Chance for Booklets!

    I slightly overstated the title of this. It takes around 2 weeks for the booklets to go from here to the States. So if you order now I can mail out books tomorrow! Nothing in the book is time sensitive (other than the planner part that runs April – September), so you can wait to get the book until after the event starts. I will post the booklet just before the event so you can look it over before buying. Just know that it will take a couple of weeks to arrive. You can buy the booklet here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/690724515/spring-into-writing-challenge-booklet


    Register for Spring into Writing! It’s a month long event that helps writers be creative and have fun with their writing! Event starts May 1st: https://www.daniduck.com/register-for-the-writing-challenge/


    A big thank you to Sharalyn A. Edgeberg for coming up with the name Spring into Writing! Look for your print copy of the booklet in the mail soon! 


    The winner for the booklet is Shelly Hawley-Yan! I’ll be sending you a book as well!

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    Guest List for Spring into Writing!

    Here is the guest list so far for Spring into Writing! It’s a small list, but I plan it that way so the event will be more relaxing. 

    Nancy Vo — http://www.nancyvo.com/

    Becky Fyfe — http://chapterbookchallenge.blogspot.com/

    Julie Hedlund — http://12x12challenge.com/

    Ksenia Anske — https://www.kseniaanske.com/

    Mason Deaver — https://www.masondeaverwrites.com/

    Ken Rolston — http://kenrolston.com/ 

    Yvonne Mes — https://www.yvonnemes.com/

    Nick Patton — https://www.patreon.com/picturebooking 

    Jennifer Cole Judd — http://jennifercolejudd.com/ 

    Melissa Stoller  — https://www.melissastoller.com/

    Robin Martin — http://sbpra.com/robinmartin-duttmann/

    Jennifer Ward — http://www.jenniferwardbooks.com/


    Register for Spring into Writing here: https://www.daniduck.com/register-for-the-writing-challenge/

    Buy the 88 page booklet here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/690724515/spring-into-writing-challenge-booklet

    In the image left to right Kensia Anske’s “The Badlings”; Nancy Vo’s “The Outlaw”; Mason Deaver’s “I Wish You All The Best”; Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 badge. Jennifer Ward’s “I Love Birds”; Ken Rolston’s “Dad vs. the THREENAGER”, Yvonne Mes’ “Oliver’s Grumbles”; Nick Patton’s  the “Picturebooking” podcast;  Robin Martin’s “Zoo on the Moon”; Jennifer Cole Judd’s “Circus Train” and Becky Fyfe’s Chapterbook Challenge badge. Click on the links above to find out more about each guest!


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    A Bee, a Spider and a Poof #3

    Coloring took a bit longer than normal this time. I switched the “black” colors of the background with that of the spider. I also am not completely decided on the cat’s color. I’ve done him in light grey, dark grey, brown, black and orange. Still not 100% sure that this is not going to change!

    garden colored

    Want to join me and Christy Ann (@christyillustrates on Instagram) in Kidlit Collage? There is no sign up! Just post your image on Instagram (and other social media) and tag #kidlitcollage. That way we can see your work!

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    Spring into Writing Planners!

    I was planning on posting the guest list for Spring into writing today today, but I keep getting getting emails back from people who want to help out with the event! I’m going to give it another weekend and post the guests Tuesday!

    The Spring Into Writing Planners are being printed now. I have a couple of planners in my hands now. Technically they are in my art room, but still. I will be mailing these two out tomorrow, but I should have more at the end of the week. You can order the planners here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/690724515/pre-order-for-spring-into-writing

    There will be a free, downloadable planner/workbook available, but this one comes already assembled, spiral bound and has a plastic dust cover! Any sales help me to keep my blog/website running! If you can buy the book. You can also help me out and buy me a coffee if you’d like!  Ko-fi.com/daniduck


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    A Bee, a Spider and a Poof #2

    Lots of changes for this image! I’m not sure if there is a lot I’m going to change about this before I go to color. I don’t see any glaring errors at the moment. I will likely be making white areas in the eyes of both the cat and the bee. This month’s theme is showers!


    Want to join me and Christy Ann (@christyillustrates on Instagram) in Kidlit Collage? There is no sign up! Just post your image on Instagram (and other social media) and tag #kidlitcollage. That way we can see your work!

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    Spring into Writing Contest!

    I need some help getting the word out about Spring into Writing. The winner will be chosen at random, but the more you help out the more entries you'll get!

    It costs me a lot of money to run my blog events and for web hosting. I really need a bit of help! One way you can help me out is buying  a printed planner! You can get the planner for $17 USD ($12 plus $5 S&H) here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/690724515/pre-order-for-spring-into-writing

    The Planner is spiral bound and the cover is printed in color. It has a plastic protective cover and I'll sign & write a note inside the book.

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    Spring into Writing!

    I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that the Writing Challenge name has been changed to “Spring Into Writing!” This title was suggested by Sharalyn A. Edgeberg! Congratulations. I’ll be sending you a print copy of the Spring Into Writing workbook/planner! Below is an updated cover.

    You can get the planner for $17 ($12 plus S&H to the US) here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/690724515/pre-order-for-spring-into-writing

    Planner sales help me keep my blog running, have prizes for events and help ensure future events! Don’t forget to sign up for this free event here: https://www.daniduck.com/register-for-the-writing-challenge/


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    A Bee, a Spider and a Poof #1

    I didn’t get a lot of time this week to work on this. I’ve been working hard to get the new writing challenge all set up! I think I have the cover for that all done so I’ll be posting that tomorrow!

    Want to join me and Christy Ann (@christyillustrates on Instagram) in Kidlit Collage? There is no sign up! Just post your image on Instagram (and other social media) and tag #kidlitcollage. That way we can see your work!

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    Writing Challenge Updates!

    Working on getting things in order for the writing challenge. Here’s some things you should know! Sign up for the writing challenge here: https://www.daniduck.com/register-for-the-writing-challenge/

    1. Name That Writing Challenge: I’ve already asked for names for the challenge. You can vote on names here (or add your own): https://www.facebook.com/groups/548159692008535/permalink/1363992383758591/ 

    2. Booklets I’m going to set the price for the booklet back to $12 as it was for the original. I don’t believe the cost of printing will be much more than the last event. The total cost will be $15 USD. The whole book will be free to download and use during the event.  This will give you a nice spiral-bound book to work in, and help me keep my site running! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/DaniDuckArt 

    It takes about 2 weeks for the booklet to get to people in the states, so please be sure to order early!

    3. Smart Dummies Instagram I will be shutting down my Smart Dummies Challenge Instagram account. It’s taking way too much of my time to run it and I don’t think it’s getting to enough people to be useful. I would much rather use my time for other event related things!

    4. Other Things 

          • There will be an advertising contest soon in which you can win a booklet for the event.
          • I hope I can get one or two proof readers for the booklet!
          • The goal is to have fun, but wondering if we should have a more specific goal.
          • I believe I have 9-10 guests planned for the event. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to be a guest. I’m waiting to hear back on a few people and don’t want to send out too many more emails! 

    I will address all of these other things in separate posts, but feel free to ask about any of these in the comments! Sign up for the writing challenge here:




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    Lady Luck Final – March Kidlit Collage

    Despite being sick this week I got my Kidlit Collage image done! I did this completely in Clip Studio Paint. I’m not sure that I’ll use this coloring style on all my art, but I feel like it’s something I’ll do again. I’ve actually started coloring like this for the cover of the Writing Challenge booklet! 

    Want to join me  and Christy Ann (@christyillustrates on Instagram) in Kidlit Collage? There is no sign up! Just post your image on Instagram (and other social media) and tag #kidlitcollage. That way we can see your work!