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    A Look At the Week May 24th-June 1st

    It’s sadly the last full week of Spring into Writing! Since there is not much left to do after Saturday I’ll be going over the rest of the month through June 1st!

    Monday, May 25th: Dawn Young starts off the week talking about fun with writing. Yes, she’s taking on the spirit of our event here and putting it into post format. Lots of fun little tidbits here you wont want to miss. Dawn’s Website: https://www.dawnyoungbooks.com/

    Tuesday, May 26th: A list of some books released in 2020 from different authors!

    Wednesday, May 13th: Lisa Chen-Wing shares a powerful post about the reasons to start a webcomic. She creates her own autobiographical webcomic called “Whiny Whiny Pancakes”. This comic is hilarious. Check it out and fall in love with Lisa’s comic: http://whinywhinypancakes.com/

    Friday, May 15th: The superpowered Cyndi Marko talks about her life as an writer/illustrator. Her book collection just released in April. The fifth book in her Kung Pow Chicken series coming out in September 2020! She’s also got a lot of other books coming out, so you wont want to miss this interview! https://www.cyndimarko.com/

    Monday, June 1st: End of Spring into Writing. Lots of crying and one last prize! 

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    A Look At the Week: May 17th-23rd

    A Look At the Week May 17th-23rd

    Monday, May 18th: Sharon Gilthrow had the unfortunate luck to have her book released during a major lock down. See what she did to overcome the problem of a book launch while at home. Read about her digital release and her beautiful new picture book “Bedtime, Daddy!”  https://sharongiltrow.weebly.com/

    Wednesday, May 20th: Dea Poirier loves to write deliciously dark murder mysteries. She didn’t always write in that genre. See where Dea started and how she found her voice. Her books Next Girl to Die and Beneath the Ashes are to die for!  https://www.dhpoirier.com/

    Friday, May 22th: Robin Stevenson is all about pride. She’s making the world better one rainbow at a time! Robin’s non-fiction books cover important topics such as Pride, children who are activists, refugees, abortion rights and that’s just her non-fiction. Her books include Pride: The Celebration and Struggle, The Summer We Saved the Bees and Blood on the Beach.    https://robinstevenson.com/

    Saturday, May 23 A Look at the Week May 24th- June 1st. A couple extra days in there to end off our Spring into Writing event!

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    A Look at the Week: May 3rd-9th

    Not yet signed up for Spring into Writing? Sign up here: https://www.daniduck.com/register-for-spring-into-writing/ Don’t forget to pick up a badge of your choice and the booklet! 

    A Look at the Week May 3rd – 9th:

    Monday, May 4th: Kaitlyn Sanchez is talking about voice! She’s a writer and Intern at Olswanger Literary. Kaitlyn has generously donated a PRIZE! One lucky person will get a critique from Kaitlyn. https://kaitlynleannsanchez.com/ 

    Wednesday, May 6th: Christina Myers is the editor of BIG: Stories About Life in Plus Sized Bodies. She is a journalist turned freelance writer and editor.  She is talking about writing with kids!    https://christinamyerswrites.wordpress.com/

    Friday, May 8th: Larissa and Keith Marantz are a married couple who created the Clyde the Hippo books. They recently had a book launch for their new books. I am interviewing them about Clyde the Hippo, how they work together and future projects!  http://larissamarantz.comhttp://clydethehippo.com

    Saturday May 9th: A Look At the Week May 10-16th.

    There may be more surprises later this week. Keep checking back (or look in your mail) for more fun!