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Drawing Up!

I had wanted to say that I was catching up with artwork for Doodles & Dreams this week. Really this is a relaxed event so there is no pressure to finish anything. I do want to draw more so I’m going to make an effort to do more. I’ve been so exhausted this week. Here are some things I’ve been working on for both the booklet and the prompts.  

I should admit I did get side tracked. I worked on a new color palette for Clip Studio Paint. I took a red, blue and yellow and mixed them with an almost white, and almost black to make a bunch of nice colors. It took a while, but I finished. It should help the blending of colors later on. 

I’ll likely be posting these on Instagram! Some I’ve posted already. I’m posting the book prompts here:

And the daily prompts here:

There is a list of prompts at the bottom of the page! To download the booklet and sign up please go here:

Prompt #1 Quilt
Prompt #2 Warm Drink
Self Portrait - Booklet Prompt
Thing I Like Drawing The Most - Booklet Prompt
Color Pallet for Clip Studio
Ice Cream - Bowl Prompt in Booklet
Full List of Prompts. Can Be Downloaded Free in the Booklet!

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