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Emotions and Poses


Due to a problem with my website I’ve had to cut out the book review for this week! I’ve got a great book for next week. This is from pages 12-13 of your book

What you’ll need for this project:

Pencils and paper, a mirror.

Other helpful things: camera or internet search

I did a quick video for you today. This is all about emotions. I drew a bunch of circles before starting this video and then made faces into my phone. This can be done on a sheet of paper.

Try making some faces of your own. After you are done try applying them to your own characters. This video has been sped up. Unfortunately there is no sound.  

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This part of the process is going to take a bit of research! First off take photos of someone who’ll pose for you, take pictures of yourself or look for poses on the internet. You can even get a video of people dancing and pause to draw beans from that! Look for poses you might use in your story. You might even find some poses you didn’t know you needed!

If you haven’t already look at this video so you can understand the bean method of drawing this video is from Proko:

Practice drawing some beans of your own. Use the references you found and just practice drawing them in bean format. Fill up a sheet or two of beans. Once you do that then take your character and draw them in a few of those position not forgetting their facial expression for that pose.

Here are some  of character drawing and emotions. The first one is of a character I did last year. He’s very cartoony and doesn’t have arms to express himself. It can be harder to express certain emotions with simple characters! 

The second is a drawing I have yet to finish. It’s something I’ve just left too long so I would probably go back in and redraw if I wanted to use it for an illustration. Either way it’s good practice!

Example of a character in a bunch of diffrent poses.
Fairy babies in different positions.


  • Nancy Morrison

    Hi Dani,

    The circle video is such a great idea! Never thought to do that before and I am not sure why?? Thank you so much! I am definitely going to do this practice. What a great way to collect the needed expressions for my characters practice!

    Nancy M

    • artistobscure

      Thanks Nancy! I find it easier to sort out my character’s emotions before putting them in a story. If I was using this for a story I’d have a lot of work done already.

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