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Fun Art Videos!

I have a fun inking video that I made today. I need to go back in and edit it a bit. 5 minutes of me having the save dialog open isn’t that much fun to watch. I will be adding sound and hopefully narrate this as well. Hopefully I can get this up for you soon! For now here are a few instructional Youtube channels that will help you with your art!

SVS Learn — Home of the 3-point perspective podcast (video version). This podcast tells you everything you need to know about Children’s illustration! Will Terry, Jake Parker and Lee white host. Their excellent Youtube channels are also below

Will Terry — Kidlit Illustrator with a huge collection of videos about the craft and business of kidlit books!

Jake Parker —  Creator of Inktober and Illustrator

Lee White — Kidlit illustrator and Fine Artist

Rachel Armington — Her videos are watercolor, food and crafts! She just posted a video about making clay models for illustration!

Chris Hong Art — Some fun illustration techniques and lots of pretty art.

Sheldene Fine Art — This is a nice channel that has all kinds of different techniques you can try for your own art.


Have a Youtube channel you’d like to share? Please post the name in the comments below. I’ll be sure to share the channel in a future Smart Dummies post!

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