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Guest List for Spring into Writing!

Here is the guest list so far for Spring into Writing! It’s a small list, but I plan it that way so the event will be more relaxing. 

Nancy Vo —

Becky Fyfe —

Julie Hedlund —

Ksenia Anske —

Mason Deaver —

Ken Rolston — 

Yvonne Mes —

Nick Patton — 

Jennifer Cole Judd — 

Melissa Stoller  —

Robin Martin —

Jennifer Ward —


Register for Spring into Writing here:

Buy the 88 page booklet here:

In the image left to right Kensia Anske’s “The Badlings”; Nancy Vo’s “The Outlaw”; Mason Deaver’s “I Wish You All The Best”; Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 badge. Jennifer Ward’s “I Love Birds”; Ken Rolston’s “Dad vs. the THREENAGER”, Yvonne Mes’ “Oliver’s Grumbles”; Nick Patton’s  the “Picturebooking” podcast;  Robin Martin’s “Zoo on the Moon”; Jennifer Cole Judd’s “Circus Train” and Becky Fyfe’s Chapterbook Challenge badge. Click on the links above to find out more about each guest!


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