In Which Exhaustion Kicks in and I Lose My Way

I was hoping to do a lot of artwork this month for Doodles and Dreams. I did do quite a few drawings, but ended up burning out in the end. A big problem to start was I attempted to keep up with two different instagram accounts. BIG MISTAKE. The drawings weren’t taking very long but they were draining especially after having a summer home with the kids. 

Both my kids will be in school full time starting tomorrow morning! I’m so happy about this. I’ve had a hectic schedule these past couple of weeks with the gradual entry my kindergartener had these past two weeks. I guess it’s less painful for the kiddos but it’s a lot of work for a parent.

The thing that really killed everything was those fires! I live just south of Vancouver. We had at least a week ranking with the worst air quality in the world for the week of the 13th. My joints were burning all week. If that wasn’t enough I possibly have CFS. Which means I’m tired all the time. It does make sense with how I’m feeling all the time. I’m not upset, but I’m also not happy when my body doesn’t want to do anything! 

So my plan is to just put out the Doodles & Dreams art prompts out for next month. Since there are a lot of people looking for an alternative to Inktober maybe more people will join me! I’m going to try to keep it to 1 piece a day so I don’t burn myself out. I hope some of you will join me, too! Tag your art with #doodledreams

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