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Meet Your Instructor Mark Mitchell

Mark Michell runs an absolutely wonderful class called “Make Your Marks And Splashes: A Natural Approach to Children’s Book Illustration.” It’s a wonderful illustration course for illustrators of every level. He is currently an instructor at the Contemporary Austin Art School in Austin Texas. He has illustrated a multitude of books and magazines. His Marks and Splashes course comprehensive and allows students to learn in a safe environment. 

To read more about his course and enroll go here: https://illustratechildrensbooks.com/childrens-book-illustration-school-2/

Spring Semester classes start April 16th!

1. Creating your Dummy

Mark shows you everything in this course you need to know to create your Children’s Book Dummy. You’ll learn everything you need to know including: Thumbnailing, character design, sketching and how to bring your images to a final rendered illustration. You’ll have all the tools you need to send out your illustration submission package.

2. Watercolor

Mark shares his knowledge of watercolors and what they can do for your paintings. You’ll learn color theory, paint application, and everything you need to know to get your watercolors to behave.

3. Classroom Feel Without the Classroom

In Make Your Mark’s and Splashes you’ll get everything you’d get in a traditional illustration course without ever leaving home. You’ll learn a lot about the history of illustration and how it applies to contemporary illustration. You will be able to listen to lectures on your own time and have no fear of missing anything if you need to step away from your seat. You also wont have to fear that you are missing anything from a college degree, because everything is right there in this class! Even better, because you have time to absorb the information. If you miss something you can always go back and review.

4. Huddles

Huddles are meetings where everyone comes together as a class and talks about eachother’s work. Mark offers detailed fixes for anything wrong with an illustration piece. It is a safe space, though and he always offers corrections in the nicest possible way. The students in the class also share their knowledge and the result is a beautifully strengthened illustration. 

If you have taken an art course before you may be surprised on how different the reviews are in this class.  The feedback given on work is thoughtful and helpful. The classmates honestly care about the other members and work hard to get your work to be your best work. 

I highly recommend you take this class no matter where you are in your career. Already working on a dummy? Great, take the class. What I find wonderful about this class is you are working on your own work. You aren’t working on a strange assignment that doesn’t apply to what you want to do. Make your Marks and Splashes specifically and directly applies to the project you want to do!

Spring Semester classes start April 16th!

Learn more about Make Your Marks and Splashes: https://illustratechildrensbooks.com/childrens-book-illustration-school-2/

Mark’s How to Be a Children’s Book Illustrator site: https://howtobeachildrensbookillustrator.com/

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