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Pre-Smart Dummies Schedule August 12-17th

Pre-Smart Dummies is going to run a little slow this year. Honestly the whole event will be running slower. I want to make sure that more time is given to actually get a dummy done. This week we are working on story. Today and tomorrow I want you to look through the stories you’ve written. If you can’t find a book you like, then find a fairy tale, folktale, nursery rhyme ect you want to make. You can find public domain stores at the Gutenberg Project:

If you are using a story that’s not yours, please make sure it’s in the public domain. Anything published before January 1st, 1924 is now in the public domain.


 This Week’s Schedule:

Aug 12-13: Chose your story. If you have a story great! If not you can choose a fairy tale, folk tale or other story.

Aug 14-15: Editing your story (or rewriting an old story).

Aug 16-17: Plan Your Pages (page 4).


I need to make a lot of edits on the Smart Dummies Schedule part of the planner. For now the planner can be found here:


Make sure to register for Pre-Smart Dummies here:


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