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Register for the Writing Challenge (name pending) below!  Challenge starts May 1st.

Order a planner here (optional) Please allow up to 14 days for delivery!

Commenting doesn’t always work. Please make sure your picture/comment appears below. It will send you a confirmation link. If you do not see your link/comment then your registration did not go through.

If you have trouble registering (or anything else) you can email me at:

The free version of the writing calendar will be available for download before the event starts!

FAQs: Coming Soon!

Find me on Patreon: <- Page will be edited soon to add things for writing supporters!

To Sign Up for the Writing Challenge: Sign up by commenting below!

Also plug your email in to the right bar where it says “Follow by Email”. I will be using this list of names to choose the prize winners. Most of the prizes will be given to those that complete the challenge, but there will be some prizes for everyone. Sign up starts now and runs until May 7th. There will be a list of guests added to the bottom of this page soon!

To Win The Writing Challenge:

You are already a winner if you are challenging yourself to be creative every day. The official way to win this challenge (if we indeed have an official goal) is TBD.

Writing Challenge Facebook Group: (the name will change for the group later, but the group itself will be at this link).

You do NOT have to identify as an writer to participate in this challenge. It helps to have a love of writing! If you do not have a love of writing, then a love of writing will be assigned to you soon.

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