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Smart Dummies Week 2: Advanced Character Design

This week it’s all about finishing up your character. Monday we’ll be talking about character turnarounds and character emotions. These are the two activities you’ll be working on until Monday. These are on pages 10-13. 

Also this week I’m going over some good critique group practices, Ksenia Anske will talk about her Finance and Business Coaching and there will be a book blog on Friday! The critique groups are closed. You are welcome to ask for a critique group on the Smart Dummies Facebook Group:

If you haven’t signed up for Smart Dummies do so here:

Smart Dummies Schedule Week 2

Sunday – Smart Dummies Week 2 Schedule

Monday – Character Turnarounds (page 10-11)

Tuesday – Critique Group Practices (page 3)

Wednesday – Ksenia Anske’s Finance & Business Coaching

Thursday – Character Emotion and Poses (pages 12-13)

Friday – Book Blog

Sunday – Smart Dummies Week 3 schedule

If you have already worked on any of the above and wish to move on feel free to work ahead. There is a Smart Dummies Regular schedule and a Smart Dummies adjusted schedule on page 4 of the booklet! You can get the booklet here:

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