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Smart Dummies Week 6: The Week That Time Forgot

Have you ever forgotten about a number? I sure have. At the beginning of Smart Dummies I completely forgot about the number 6! I couldn’t think why this upcoming week was so off with the schedule (we will be working on finals next week, not this week). Now that I know about the number 6. I will be working to come up with good stuff for this week. I will also be recalculating my age based on this new information! 

I’m hoping to have some process videos to show you soon. Fingers crossed that I can make or find people to post some process videos or posts. I’ll also come up with a post of links to different techniques. The following schedule is subject to change!

Smart Dummies Week 6

Sunday – Smart Dummies Week 7 Schedule

Tuesday – Process Post!

Thursday – Links to Techniques 

Friday – Possible Book Blog

Sunday – Smart Dummies Week 7 schedule

If you have not signed up for Smart Dummies yet go here: You can sign up, pick up the booklet and badge and find out everything you need to know about the event!

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