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Spring into Writing Finish Line

Spring into Writing is unfortunately done for this year. Well the actual event is over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun with our writing. There are some things I didn’t find time to talk about for the event and I fully plan on talking about them throughout the year. I will be announcing winners soon so you still have a little time to go back and comment on the posts you’ve missed. I hope you’ve enjoyed Spring into Writing! Let me know below what you’ve achieved this month. 

I will be taking down the booklet at the end of this month, so download it now here:

How you can help out Spring into Writing:

If you’ve enjoyed this event please consider helping me out. The easiest ways is commenting on posts and filling out the survey I’m going to post next week.

I am looking for people to help me figure out some things for Spring into Writing and Smart Dummies. If you want to help please let me know! 

Please Donate:

If you liked the Spring into Writing event please consider a donation. This website costs a good amount of money to keep going. It also takes a lot of time to make the booklets for these events. I want to keep the downloads free for everyone. If you are able please consider donating: (There are levels where you can get booklets sent to you every year).

One time donations:


Thank you all for being a part of

Spring into Writing 2019!


  • Kelly Vavala

    You did a fantastic job Dani! I’m sorry I didn’t participate as much as I would’ve liked as I was diagnosed with breast cancer right in. The middle of this. But it was a great distraction for all that was going on around me. As always, my writing was my escape into the fantasy. Your timing was impeccable. Have a long road ahead of me but thank God I have my writing. I’m a fighter. You did an amazing job. I did read every post and they were so informative, helpful and inspirational. Thank you!

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