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Spring into Writing Winners!

Is anyone else sad that Spring into Writing is over? I’m sad! Also happy because I can move on to other things!


Have 3 minutes to fill out a survey about Spring into Writing?

Want to help out with Spring into Writing? Donate: 

Or on Kofi:



Donated by Becky Aren’t “The Coloring Book for Writers” by
Linda Faulkerson. 

The winner is: DEBRA M DAUGHERTY!


Melissa Stoller donated 3 books and the winners are:

The Enchanted Snow Globe — BECKY AREN’T 

The Magic Paintbrush — LAURI MEYERS

Ready, Set, Gorilla! — LAURA HARTMAN


Congratulations everyone!


How you can help out Spring into Writing:

If you’ve enjoyed this event please consider helping me out. The easiest ways is commenting on posts and filling out the survey I’m going to post next week.

I am looking for people to help me figure out some things for Spring into Writing and Smart Dummies. If you want to help please let me know! 

Please Donate:

If you liked the Spring into Writing event please consider a donation. This website costs a good amount of money to keep going, and 


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