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I hope you are enjoying Smart Dummies this year. I love helping out other people and I hope you are learning a lot, or at least getting a lot done this month. Smart dummies is not an easy event, so be nice to yourself and celebrate what you are able to complete.

Today is my birthday! What better way to celebrate than to update all my reward tiers and give presents to all my patrons on Patreon? I feel like I’m winning my birthday already: I don’t have presents on Kofi, but you’ll have my love if you can only make a one time donation there.

It is not free for me to run this blog and the events do take a lot of my time. If you have the money, please consider helping me out. I will be working to giving you lots more value for your donations. Check out the new tiers and know that I’m open to suggestions! 

Smart Member
$1 or more per month

Basic Membership Includes

+ Monthly Art Process Videos

+ Monthly Challenges to help encourage creativity in your writing and art

+ Your name listed in a special post before Smart Dummies and  Spring into Writing!

Smart Fiver
$5 or more per month

All of the previous tier benefits plus:

+ Your questions answered on a short video every month.*

+ Extra entry on all Patreon giveaways and contests.

+ Your name listed in a future Smart Dummies/Writing Challenge Booklet.

*You ask me 1 question a month and I’ll give you a video answer of your question on Patreon. Access will be given to everyone in this level and above.

Smart 10s
$10 or more per month

 All of the previous tier benefits plus: 

+ 1 Hour Chat with me and other Smart 10s every month.

+ Exclusive Smart 10s only content.

Want to make a one time donation?  (This will not give you access to patron rewards, but I will love you forever. Even if you don’t donate.) Feel free to contact me about other ways to donate!

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