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The Not So Whiny Whiny Lisa Chen-Wing

Lisa Chen-Wing is just hilarious. Anyone can write a story about their life, but it takes a special kind of person to make other people laugh about that experience. Lisa’s  webcomic Whiny Whiny Pancakes is all about Lisa’s life with her kids. This comic is hilarious and very dear to my heart. I love reading this comic and I hope you will too!



Lisa’s website:


9 Reasons Why

By Lisa Whiny Whiny Pancakes


2 Reasons why I started a semi-autobiographical web comic

  1. My friend looked at a web comic and said ‘Hey, you could do that!’
  2. I said ‘Hey, I could do that.’


5 Reasons why you should start a web comic.

  1. Making more social media accounts is extremely easy.
  2. The best way to get better at something is to do it regularly.
  3. It’s a great way to practice new skills and techniques.
  4. Getting a few likes from randos on the internet is a great ego boost.
  5. It’s not a huge time commitment.


1 Reason why you shouldn’t start to draw a web comic

  1. Nobody really cares about your web comic.


1 Reason you should draw your web comic anyway.

  1. Outsider artists, the ones who toil their whole lives in obscurity, are the real heroes. 

Since I don’t have the integrity of an outsider artist, only the same number of followers: (Instagram @whinywhinypancakes, Twitter @WhinyPancakes, Facebook @whinywhinypancakes, URL:, other URL:

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