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Thumbnails and Research

A Change in Plans

I had started with a lot of good ideas for a Cinderella story here: While planning out the pages in thumbnails I realized two things. 1) I realized I messed up with the numbers. I had said there was 13 spreads and there were 14.5. (I’ve changed this on the original.) I realized after the second mistake 2) Doing a 14.5 spread changes everything. And I changed even more to bring it to 15 spreads. Below accurately shows the spreads:

  1. Cinderella’s father remarries. (1/2 spread)
  2. Cinderella’s step mother and sisters are mean to her. (1 spread)
  3. The prince announces there will be a ball so he can find a wife. (1 spread)
  4. Cinderella told she’s not allowed to go to the ball which upsets her. (1 spread)
  5. Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears and gives her everything she needs for the ball (Cinderella must be back by midnight). (4 spreads)
  6. Cinderella goes to the ball (2.5 spreads)
  7. Cinderella forgets about the time and rushes out of the ball at the last minute leaving her glass slipper. (1.5 spreads)
  8. The prince looks for Cinderella with the one lost slipper. (1 spread)
  9. The slipper fits. (1 spread)
  10. A royal wedding (1 spread)
  11. The prince and Cinderella live happily ever after. (1/2 spread)

More Mistakes and a Video

I realized after I made this video that I missed a spread! I miscounted. The extra spread brings things up to 15 spreads in total which is a colored ends layout:

Start your thumbnails out messy. You are just trying to get the basic layout of your story first. Then, start over and make slightly tighter thumbnails, so you can tell better what the images are. This video shows you both tight and loose drawings.



Now that you have an idea of what your pages are going to look like, take some time to do research. Take pictures, pose your children or pose yourself. (Don’t take pictures of children without written permission from their parents). 

You can also do an internet search to find reference photos. Photographers are very serious about their photos and will sue if you steal an image directly or have an image too simular to theirs. Use several different images to come up with your illustration. You might take a nose style from a few pictures. Hair styles from another. You can piece together a person from many photos, but drawing all or part of someone else’s photograph/illustration is not a good idea. 


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