Wednesday Updates

Creative Goals:

I’m pretty much finished with 2 of my spreads for my graphic novel. That means I’ve got one left to do, plus some (hopefully minor) edits on the 2 spreads that are already in my portfolio! After I’m done with this I’ll be moving on to my character sheet and maybe a drawing of the interior of the library that’s the setting for the whole story. 

I’ve also got inks done for 2/5 of the illustrations for another graphic novel project. Hoping I can finish at least the first one soon!

Currently Reading:

Since last week I’ve read Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen. When Cori decides to stay home from a party her friends Maritza and Jakory think Codi isn’t ready to grow up. Cori ends up at the party anyway (as her friends are too drunk to drive) and ends up making a friendship with a boy that takes her on a journey of self discovery. 

Cori is lesbian, Maritza is bi and Jakory is gay. The story does a wonderful job of talking about queer relationships. I love the relationships that Cori makes, and how supportive everyone is of each other. 

This is a book that’s about discovery and acceptance of one’s own queerness and a coming of age story. I wont say that there is no sign of queerphobia in this book, but it is pretty positive overall. Most of what happens is microaggressions and ignorance of the characters being queer. I love the supportiveness of the main and side characters. The ending of this story is pretty magical.

More Fun Stuff:

Looking for art events? Abelle Hayford has put together a great list of Twitter hastag events for artists: https://twitter.com/abellehayford/status/1283566529544503296?s=20 It’s a WIP so keep checking back for more events. If you know of something not on the list. Please let Abelle know!

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