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Welcome to Doodles & Dreams

Welcome to Doodles and Dreams! All the fun starts today. If you haven’t signed up for this event please sign up here: Don’t forget to pick up your free booklet as well. 

This is a relaxed event to encourage doodles and fun! I’ll be making posts here so be sure to sign up for my email. If you like what you make during this event please share it with me on Twitter or Instagram using #doodledreams! I’ll RT some work I see. You don’t have to stick with what’s in the book. Please feel free to share any of you work with that tag.

If you have something you really like please mail it to me at daniduck(@) I’ll be posting other people’s work on Fridays (but only if you email it to me). I’m also hoping to post a few other things throughout the month so please sign up to get my emails below!

I just finished editing the Doodles & Dreams booklet so if there are mistakes please let me know. Also if you find accessibility issues in the booklet or on the website please let me know! 

If you are an artist or writer please feel free to join my Discord server:  This server is meant for adult professionals and those working towards becoming a professional. Right now it’s mostly kidlit and graphic novel people!


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