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Wondrous Witch Ksenia Anske

Ksenia Anske is like a wonderful wild witch that probably wouldn’t eat your face. She brings a dark beauty to the world of fantasy. Ksenia is an author who truly cares about her audience. She takes the time and effort to talk to and know the people who read her books. On top of that she wants other writers to succeed. It’s no wonder why she’s so beloved.

Ksenia’s books:


Photo & hair by Deanna Teasley
Dani: What led you to becoming an author?
Ksenia: Writing pulled me out of depression. At my therapist’s urging, I began journaling. At first I did it privately, on paper, then I started a blog and wrote publicly about my process of recovery. Then I started tweeting little writing tips that kept me going, and soon my followers and readers asked me to make a book of those little tweets, which became my first self-published book, Blue Sparrow. A trilogy followed, Siren Suicides, a story about a teenager committing suicide. Then my bestseller Rosehead. I didn’t think about becoming an author while I wrote those books. I was happy to stay afloat and not slide back into darkness. By the time I figured out I was an author, I think I was on my fourth book, and it hit me that it was true. “I’m writing books,” I thought. “I guess I’m an author.”
Dani: If you weren’t a writer, then what would you be?
Ksenia: A dancer. My latest book TUBE (coming out end of 2019) is about a Russian ballerina confronting the ghosts of her dead family while on the train. At one point, when writing it, I thought, “Why am I writing about a ballerina? Is my mind trying to tell me something?” And yes, it was. I’d dreamed of being a dancer when I was little, yet somehow that dream got lost as I grew up and got busy with life. So last year in October I started taking ballet classes, and I’ve been going six times a week now since January (only missed a class once). So yes, a dancer for sure. 
Dani: How do you refill your creative well?
I read. I loved reading as a child, and I still love reading above everything else. It’s what brought me to writing, I think. My love of reading. Books were my teachers. I remember thinking, “I can learn anything from books!” That was such freedom, such certainty. My books were always there for me. They never told me they didn’t have time for me. They could be next to me when I felt lonely. And they held so much wisdom, and so much beauty…even now still, when I read, I quite often cry simply because the writing is so good, it moves me. 
Dani: What do you do for fun?
Ksenia: Dance! And read. And write. I guess all these things I do every day are so much fun, sometimes I pinch myself, not believing I’m living it, scared of waking up and finding all this fun gone (haven’t woken up yet).
Dani: Do you have a quick writing tip you can share with us?

Ksenia: You alone know how to write your book. Yes, there are smart books on writing and plotting and character development and style, and everything else you think you need to read and study before you begin. You don’t need any of it. What you need is trust. Trust that you already know your story and how to write it. Trust that while you do it, you’ll find your way. Trust that you’ll come out the other end knowing just a little more about yourself and ready to begin again. The journey is yours and yours only. People who have been there can point you the way, yet you’re the one who will have to walk it. So walk it. Don’t be afraid. In your gut you already know where you’re going, don’t you?


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You can get a free copy of Ksenia’s short stories on her website!


  • Debra M Daugherty

    Ksenia, this is a great interview. I loved the fact that you are now taking ballet lessons. It’s never to late to live your dream.

  • Kelly Vavala

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your advice is so truthful; TRUST..,this says it all! While you do it you’ll find your way. I love that and just might type it out and post it in front of me as a daily reminder! Thank you.

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