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Writing Challenge Updates!

Working on getting things in order for the writing challenge. Here’s some things you should know! Sign up for the writing challenge here:

1. Name That Writing Challenge: I’ve already asked for names for the challenge. You can vote on names here (or add your own): 

2. Booklets I’m going to set the price for the booklet back to $12 as it was for the original. I don’t believe the cost of printing will be much more than the last event. The total cost will be $15 USD. The whole book will be free to download and use during the event.  This will give you a nice spiral-bound book to work in, and help me keep my site running! 

It takes about 2 weeks for the booklet to get to people in the states, so please be sure to order early!

3. Smart Dummies Instagram I will be shutting down my Smart Dummies Challenge Instagram account. It’s taking way too much of my time to run it and I don’t think it’s getting to enough people to be useful. I would much rather use my time for other event related things!

4. Other Things 

        • There will be an advertising contest soon in which you can win a booklet for the event.
        • I hope I can get one or two proof readers for the booklet!
        • The goal is to have fun, but wondering if we should have a more specific goal.
        • I believe I have 9-10 guests planned for the event. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to be a guest. I’m waiting to hear back on a few people and don’t want to send out too many more emails! 

I will address all of these other things in separate posts, but feel free to ask about any of these in the comments! Sign up for the writing challenge here:





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